DPSA Circular 24 of 2023 PDF Download: A Gateway to Exciting Government Job Opportunities

DPSA Circular 24 of 2023: Apply for 500+ Government Job Opportunities

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) has recently released its highly anticipated vacancy circular, Circular 24 of 2023. This comprehensive circular serves as a treasure trove of employment opportunities within various government departments, providing job seekers with a chance to contribute their skills and expertise to the public service sector. While the DPSA issues the circular, it’s important to note that the department is not responsible for the content of the advertisements. Any inquiries about specific advertisements should be directed to the relevant advertising department.

Government Department Vacancy Announcement in DPSA Circular 24 of 2023 

DPSA Vacancies Circular 24 of 2023 includes a wide range of vacancies across multiple government departments, ensuring there is something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at some of the departments offering these exciting job opportunities:

  1. Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development: This department plays a crucial role in ensuring sustainable agricultural practices, land reform initiatives, and rural development programs to foster economic growth and food security.
  2. Defence: The Defence department focuses on safeguarding the nation’s security and protecting its borders. It offers a variety of job opportunities in fields such as intelligence, logistics, and combat.
  3. Employment and Labour: This department is responsible for promoting employment opportunities, protecting workers’ rights, and enforcing labor laws. Vacancies may include roles in human resources, labor relations, and occupational health and safety.DPSA Circular 24 July 2023
  4. Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment: As concerns for environmental sustainability continue to grow, this department offers positions in conservation, wildlife management, environmental policy, and sustainable resource utilization.
  5. Health: The Health department is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services to all citizens. Job opportunities can range from medical professionals to administrative roles that support the effective functioning of the healthcare system.
  6. Human Settlements: This department focuses on providing adequate housing and improving living conditions for all South Africans. Vacancies may include urban planning, housing development, and project management positions.
  7. Justice and Constitutional Development: For those passionate about the legal system, this department offers opportunities in the judiciary, legal research, court administration, and policy development.
  8. Military Veterans: The Military Veterans department is responsible for ensuring the welfare and support of military veterans who have served the nation. Jobs within this department may include counseling, administrative support, and welfare services.
  9. Mineral Resources and Energy: This department manages the country’s mineral resources and energy sectors. Vacancies may include positions in mining, renewable energy, and energy policy development.
  10. National Treasury: The National Treasury plays a vital role in managing the country’s finances and ensuring fiscal stability. Job opportunities within this department can be found in areas such as economics, accounting, and financial management.
  11. Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation: This department focuses on strategic planning, policy analysis, and performance monitoring within the public service sector. Vacancies may include research analysts, policy advisors, and program evaluators.
  12. Public Works and Infrastructure: The Public Works and Infrastructure department is responsible for maintaining and developing public infrastructure. Job opportunities can range from engineering and construction to facilities management.
  13. South African Police Service: This department is responsible for maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and preventing and investigating crime. Vacancies may include roles in community policing, criminal investigation, and forensic science.
  14. Tourism: With South Africa’s diverse natural landscapes and vibrant culture, the Tourism department offers employment opportunities in hospitality, tour guiding, marketing, and event management.
  15. Traditional Affairs: This department focuses on preserving and promoting traditional cultures, customs, and governance systems. Job opportunities may include cultural heritage preservation, community development, and policy implementation.
  16. Water and Sanitation: The Water and Sanitation department is responsible for managing the country’s water resources and ensuring access to clean water and sanitation services. Vacancies may include water resource management, engineering, and water quality monitoring.

Posting Date: 14 July 2023
Full Document: Circular 24 (click here to view the full document)
Directions: Click on the name of the department / administration to view vacancies in that particular section

National Departments

Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development
Basic Education
Cooperative Governance
Employment and Labour
Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment
Government Printing Works
Government Technical Advisory Centre
Higher Education and Training
Justice and Constitutional Development
National Treasury
Office of the Chief Justice
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Public Service and Administration
Public Works and Infrastructure
Small Business Development
Water and Sanitation

Provincial Administration

Free State
Kwazulu Natal
Western Cape

How To Apply for DPSA Vacancies 2023 through DPSA Circular 24 of 2023

To apply for any of the advertised vacancies, candidates are required to complete and submit the Z83 application form. The Z83 form must include comprehensive details of the applicant’s training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge, and experience. It’s essential to use the new Z83 form, effective as of January 1, 2021. Additionally, candidates must indicate the reference number of the vacancy they are applying for in their applications.

For further information about a specific job advertisement, prospective applicants should direct their inquiries to the department advertising the vacancy. It’s important to note that the Department of Public Service and Administration should not be approached for such information.

To ensure consideration, applicants must submit their applications to the relevant advertising departments on or before the specified closing dates.

DPSA Circular 24 of 2023 presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking meaningful and rewarding careers within the public service sector. With a diverse range of vacancies across various government departments, job seekers are encouraged to seize this chance to contribute their skills and make a positive impact on the nation. Start exploring the circular, preparing your applications, and embark on a fulfilling career serving the people of South Africa.

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