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Tanzania is a country in East Africa with a multi-party political system. The president is the head of state and government, and is elected through a general election every five years. The unicameral parliament, known as the National Assembly, is made up of elected members who serve a term of five years.

Tanzania has experienced political stability for many years, with peaceful transitions of power between political parties. However, there have been some concerns about recent trends towards increased authoritarianism and restrictions on political freedoms in the country. For example, the media and civil society have faced increased pressure and restrictions on their activities, and there have been reports of harassment and violence against opposition politicians and supporters.

Tanzania’s political landscape is complex, with multiple parties and alliances competing for power. The ruling party is currently Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), which has been in power since Tanzania’s independence in 1961. However, opposition parties such as Chadema and ACT Wazalendo have gained support in recent years and are seen as viable alternatives to the ruling party.

Tanzania is also a member of various regional and international organizations, such as the African Union, the East African Community, and the United Nations, which play a role in shaping the country’s political and diplomatic relations with other countries.

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